LeanIX Connect on Tour

Navigating Technology Transformation

LeanIX Connect is going on tour in 2024: powered by LeanIX, an SAP Company, it is the largest global conference for Enterprise Architects. Click on your city of choice to register and scroll down to discover why you should attend.

A New Era for Enterprise Architects

In the ever-shifting panorama of technology, certain pivotal capabilities surface that revolutionize our perception and approach to the digital world. The swift and widespread adoption of AI and AR in 2024 stands as a testament to such a transformative shift. As a community of Enterprise Architects and IT leaders, it’s our role to enable our organisations to continuously transform, translating technologies into impactful business capabilities while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance.

Come and join us at LeanIX Connect on Tour - the place where CIOs, IT Leaders, and Enterprise Architects share their transformation journeys. Learn how to manage down costs that keep the lights on, opening the doors to greater innovation, streamlining complexity, tackling tech obsolescence, managing ERP transformations, and addressing AI governance.

Now that LeanIX is part of SAP, we will explore the potent combination of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Management (BPM). The symbiosis of these two disciplines is rapidly becoming a key driver in enhancing business efficiency and agility.


Join the EA community at LeanIX Connect on Tour.

The Tour is more than just a gathering; it's an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.
Here are three compelling reasons why attending LeanIX Connect can propel your organisation's technology transformation journey:

Powerful Networking

Connect with a diverse community of CIOs, IT Leaders, and Enterprise Architects. Share ideas, learn from their experiences, and build valuable relationships that could influence your transformation strategies.

Practical Knowledge

Gain insights directly from those who have walked the path. Learn how to manage costs effectively, increase your focus on innovation, streamline complex technology landscapes, handle tech obsolescence, and manage ERP transformations.

AI Governance

Discover the latest strategies and best practices in AI governance, a critical aspect of enterprise architecture in today's increasingly AI-driven IT landscape.

2023 Highlights

Relive the pivotal moments that shaped our 2023 LeanIX Connect Summits — where innovation met inspiration. Watch the videos and join the journey.

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