LeanIX Connect Summit 2023 Americas East

LeanIX Certification Training in NYC

Thinking about attending LeanIX Connect Summit 2023 in New York City this June? Here’s another reason to join: in-person attendees have access to free training and certification.

Join our free LeanIX Practitioner Level-1 Certification Training onsite in New York City on June 05, the day before the Summit begins, but spots are limited.

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Becoming LeanIX Practitioner Certified validates your ability to lead IT- and business-initiatives that can reshape organizations.

You’ll get exclusive access to in-person training, where you’ll work in small groups of fellow practitioners to build use cases — and benefit from onsite trainers, experts and experience sharing with peers.

Who is it for?

This training is for Enterprise Architects, Transformation Officers, Application Owners and other current or future LeanIX users.

While the training is designed for LeanIX beginners, it’s also valuable for practitioners with LeanIX experience. We’ve revamped our training format to a hands-on and bootcamp-like experience where you learn by doing!

You don’t need any previous knowledge of LeanIX, so don’t worry about being behind.

Learning objectives

After the training you’ll be able to:

  • set up your workspace, upload data and build your inventory with LeanIX
  • apply our recommended approach to running an application rationalization
  • kick off your first transformation project, like Cloud Migration

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The agenda

The Certification & Training Day starts at 2 pm on June 05, followed by the welcome reception with LeanIX Connect Summit attendees afterwards. You’ll learn foundational knowledge about what LeanIX is and how to get started, but also tackle some deep-dive training on valuable topics.

All participants attend 5 modules. The certification part covers Module 1-3 and can be completed with Module 4 (the on-site certification).

Module 1

Certification Training Part 1

Intro into LeanIX & How to get started

Module 2

Certification Training Part 2:

Hands-on use case training: How to save costs with Application Rationalization in LeanIX

Module 3

Certification Training Part 2:

Hands-on use case training: How to do a cloud migration with LeanIX

Module 4

Certification Preparation & on-site certification

Module 5

LeanIX Training

Nuggets on specific topics, e.g., Reports, Diagrams, Integrations.

Don’t want to wait?

You can start your learning journey right now and take up the
eLearning LeanIX Practitioner course.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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