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LeanIX Connect Summit APAC

Call for Papers 2023

Your chance to make an impact is here

Our Call for Papers is now open for LeanIX Connect Summit APAC 2023:

The event will take place at the Australian Gold Coast on September 14.

Business impact will determine the success level of CIOs and enterprise architects in 2023, not maintenance and diagramming.

This is your chance to establish yourself as a leader, and to guide industry peers on a journey to using EA and IT as a strategy to impact innovation, customer experiences and engagement, and sustainability. All at the industry’s most anticipated in-person and virtual events.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your proposals.

Instructions for submissions

Deadline for the submission of proposals is June 16, 2023.

Your proposals should either be on technical or strategic IT topics aimed at IT leaders who work in an enterprise environment. Participants expect a high level of expertise and knowledge of IT architectures.

We're seeking submissions for talks on enterprise architecture, SaaS management, cloud governance, microservices and all technology subjects relevant for transformation. We especially welcome real-life case studies and presentations given by practitioners. Talks can be given jointly by a maximum of two presenters and must be in English.

The proposal must be submitted in English using the online form »

The proposals must include the following information:

  • Information on speaker(s) (max. 2)
  • Title of proposals
  • Short abstract
  • Biography of speaker(s)

All speakers must agree for their sessions to be recorded on video and supply their slide deck that will be used for documentation and promotion of the event on Youtube and other channels.

Acceptance Criteria

We will evaluate submissions according to the quality of the content and the speakers. The sessions should be presented in an interesting, vivid and entertaining way, and make sure the outcomes are practical, applicable and achievable.

Speakers who can prove these skills have a higher chance of acceptance. Preference will be given to talks involving an end user/client from an enterprise.

Notification of Acceptance

The decision which proposals will be included in the final program will be made by the end of April. In some cases we will contact you for additional information before making our final decision.

You will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted by June 23, 2023.

Customer Awards

Want your success to be a North Star to industry peers? The Customer Awards are a chance to celebrate your achievements, and help make a positive impact on the tech industry through example. Here are more details on the different categories:

Category 1 - Fastest Time-to-Value

Getting value from your EA solution shouldn’t be a long, arduous process. So, we designed LeanIX to make that process as quick and painless as possible.

While all LeanIX customers enjoy fast time-to-value, some are faster than others. With this award, we recognize the company who has:

  • Executed the fastest onboarding, showing strong adoption (MAU, Updates, Report Views) both during and after
  • Demonstrated clear business value from LeanIX within weeks
  • Implemented a sustainable roll-out strategy with a clear path for moving forward
If this sounds like you, throw your hat in the ring by sharing examples and metrics.

Category 2 - Best Collaborator

Enterprise architecture management is a team sport. EA initiatives just can’t be effective without collaboration and input from people all across the organization.

This award recognizes the LeanIX customer with the most vibrant collaborative spirit, as reflected by:

  • High levels of user activity in LeanIX
  • Excellent data quality thanks to high contribution rates from the broader user base
  • Strong levels of user interaction through LeanIX
Is your LeanIX implementation a shining example of collaboration? Share your examples and metrics!

Category 3 - Strongest Innovator

You can’t have transformation without innovation. And the ability for EA to drive innovation in the organization starts with innovation in the EA practice itself.

This award seeks to recognize the company that has contributed the most significant and powerful innovations into the LeanIX ecosystem.

We will give special consideration to those we have introduced innovations focused on the automation of data updates and other EA processes.

Have you created innovations that set your EA practice apart while increasing the impact of LeanIX users everywhere? Show us what you’ve done!

Category 4 - Highest Impact

Today, it’s no longer possible to separate any business from the technology it runs on. As a result, the work of enterprise architects has assumed a new level of critical importance for companies across industries.

Enterprise architecture impacts everything from operations and security to customer experience and competitive advantage, not to mention long-term, sustainable growth.

With this award, we aim to recognize the company whose EA practice has had the greatest impact on company performance.

Has your EA practice made a big difference in how you do business, how you serve customers, and where you stand in the market? Share your story!

Customers can apply by filling the questionnaire at the end of the Call for Papers form or simply get in touch with our team.