5 reasons to come to Boston in June (and how to make the business case for it)

5 reasons to come to Boston in June (and how to make the business case for it)

We’re reaching peak conference season, which means tough decisions about what to attend. LeanIX Connect Summit Americas is your best chance this year to network with industry peers in North America – including tech leaders from Salesforce, Southwest Airlines and Intuit – and learn from experts who are driving innovation and digital transformation.

And since it’s free, attending in person should be a no-brainer. But you might still have to convince your boss.

The basics: LeanIX Connect Summit takes place in Boston on June 9 and 10. It’s an opportunity to connect with leading IT and business professionals across all industries who work at the intersection of SaaS, EA, and DevOps management.

Gain wisdom from experienced leaders in 30+ sessions relating to an urgent theme for these times: Innovation for the Always-On Enterprise. Keynote speakers include bestselling author Erik Qualman and renowned creativity strategist Natalie Nixon.

Bonus: you can preview LeanIX product roadmaps, ask questions and give direct feedback to LeanIX product owners.

If you can’t make the event in Boston, you can still catch some of the streaming sessions online. (Grab your registration link here).

If you or your boss still need convincing, here are five big reasons to join us in person for LeanIX Connect Summit:

1. Get practical transformation lessons from well-known brands

After a decade of building tools for and with the global software community, LeanIX has collected its fair share of best practices and industry contacts. Over these two days — whether via dedicated keynote sessions, presentations, or hands-on workshops — we’re giving attendees a direct look at what’s really happening in the Continuous Transformation journeys of established brands. Trends will be dissected, buzzwords will be picked apart, and company strategies will be put on display and open for discussion.
And, if you attend in person, you can ask session leaders all your burning questions.

2. Take advantage of the year’s best chance to network

Attending LeanIX Connect Summit in person means more chances to meet industry peers and participate. (And, it’s in the beautiful Revere Hotel in the heart of Boston). Sessions run from morning until evening on both days, and LeanIX employees will be available for consultation and direction. The conference includes a Welcome Reception the evening before the first day and a conference dinner on June 9 - maximizing your networking opportunities.

3. Get a first look at LeanIX’s 2022 Product Roadmap

In addition to LeanIX CEO André Christ’s keynote presentation, LeanIX is providing an overview of our strategic product outlook and roadmap. This will be followed by a feature preview on numerous other roadmap items planned for or already being implemented.

4. Attend accessible sessions for everyone

Did we mention that LeanIX Connect Summit is free to attend? Our products support the transformation of entire organizations, so it only makes sense that it’s easy for every IT, software and business professional to join. What’s more, to help guests package up what they learn at the event, recordings of presentations will be made available in the days following.

5. Onsite exclusive: Become a certified LeanIX Practitioner

Interested in enhancing your LeanIX skills and your reputation? You can earn your LeanIX certification by taking free, interactive classes and working on use cases with other practitioners. The certification covers the fundamentals of the LeanIX Continuous Transformation Platform and how to address IT leaders’ main challenges. Plus, this certification program is one of the best networking opportunities for in-person attendees.

We hope this helps! We’ve created the email template below to summarize everything. And if you can’t make it in person, you can still catch the broadcast stream and virtual networking opportunities.


I’m hoping to attend the LeanIX Connect Summit on June 9-10, 2022. It’s a virtual and in-person event happening live from Boston, MA, and I’d like to attend the [choose VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON] version.

I think it’ll be extremely valuable, because the Summit is packed with two days’ worth of discussions related to Innovation for the Always-on Enterprise, including how this relates to EA, SaaS, and DevOps management — three disciplines which are central to our company’s IT and business transformation strategy.

Attending also gives me an opportunity to network with 2000+ others and ask questions to LeanIX employees themselves.

Feel free to look at the event website for more information. If you see anything interesting or want me to ask anyone a specific question on your behalf, let me know. The event organizers are also providing recordings of presentations that I can share afterwards with you and the team.

The event is also completely free to register, so if you also wish to attend or think of others who should, please let me know.

Happy to discuss this subject further if required. I appreciate you taking the time to help me build new contacts and skills.