Why is making ‘Impact for a Better Tomorrow’ important for IT and EA?

Why is making ‘Impact for a Better Tomorrow’ important for IT and EA?

How will the theme for this year’s LeanIX Connect Summits help you drive meaningful and measurable outcomes for your business and beyond?

The idea that enterprise architecture needs to come down from its ivory tower and focus on real business impact is not a new one.

In fact, we’ve long subscribed to author, leading enterprise architect and IT strategy guru, Gregor Hohpe’s theory that CIO’s siloed maintenance and governance roles need to shift to focus on business-wide development.

But, if you work in the IT and EA sector today, you’ve probably noticed this shift is picking up the pace. The behind-the-scenes, academic exercise of diagramming the current state is fast being left behind in favor of more strategic roles that focus on delivering measurable impact.

At the LeanIX Connect Summits 2023, you’ll get the practical, applicable and (most importantly) achievable advice and tools to ensure you succeed with this year’s theme, ‘Impact for a better tomorrow’, which explores how you can make this move to strategic thinking to benefit the business and beyond.

But what does ‘impact’ in IT and enterprise architecture mean? What skills will you get out of LeanIX Connect? We’ve listed a few for you below:

IT and EA can impact sustainability

Technology has a huge impact on the environmental and societal state of our planet.

Right now, 1-2% of the world’s energy is consumed by data centers, and around 57 million tons of e-waste is generated worldwide in a year.

So, what is the role of IT and enterprise architecture in improving the sustainability of the industry, and in turn, have a positive impact on the environment?

Throughout the 2023 LeanIX Connect Summits, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Which sustainable development goals need which business capabilities?
  • How can we bring the roadmap to sustainability alive?
  • What is the baseline of my IT landscape?
  • Which applications can be rationalized?
  • What is our migration strategy?
  • What is optimized for the cloud?

By the end of the event, you’ll have a firm and practical understanding of how to use strategy, business architecture, application and data architecture and technical architecture to transform your business into a sustainable powerhouse.

IT and EA can impact innovation

The common myths about innovation is that standardization isn’t required, it is never simple and that it only comes from one, solitary genius.

But true innovation is enabled by having the standards in place to focus on what truly matters, reducing complexity of the landscape and gathering around a common aim.

This is where IT and enterprise architecture can make the biggest impact.

Throughout your LeanIX Connect Summit (in person or streamed live virtually), you’ll hear from companies that are making truly innovative products, and how you can use IT landscapes built on experience and best practices, that champion usability and waste reduction, and unite around a shared goal for transformation and impact to do the same.

IT and EA can impact customers

Your customers’ experiences with your business are all dependent on the quality, reliability and visibility of your software.

And you can only improve the status quo of your software estate if you know about all the roadblocks that get in the way of your customer journeys.

At LeanIX Connect Summits 2023, enterprise architects will learn how to make an impact on customer experiences with clearer, more accurate data flows that identify where breakdowns in customer interactions occur.

You’ll also get the secret sauce to intuitive interfaces that drive better input and collaboration, which improves the quality of your data and gives a mutual understanding of where critical improvements can be made.

IT and EA can impact employees

The key to better employee experience? Visibility.

With a growing, loosely-coupled microservice portfolio, it becomes increasingly complex for employees to navigate your software architecture.

An effective, efficient and transparent enterprise architecture strategy can change this.

You can learn all the ways IT infrastructure visibility can impact employee engagement by freeing up your developers’ time and relieving their cognitive load, working more efficiently and shipping reliable products for customers faster.

Where are the LeanIX Connect Summits 2023?

This is the most exciting lineup of LeanIX events to date. You can now join us virtually as well as in person for the first time in the APAC region, and on both East and West coasts of the Americas! Registration will open soon, but for now make sure you save these dates for the event that applies to you and your team:

But don’t worry if you can’t make it in person on the day. You can also tune in virtually to all our summits, so you don’t have to miss any insights.