LeanIX Connect APAC 2022: All the talks, all the highlights

LeanIX Connect APAC 2022: All the talks, all the highlights

Wow. What a day! 

The LeanIX Connect APAC virtual event was a huge success and gave us more than our fair share of learnings around this year’s theme: ‘Innovation for the always-on enterprise’.

Our line-up of best-in-tech industry experts covered a lot of ground. We got insights into how to innovate to drive the continuous transformation now required of businesses – plus inspirational examples of digital innovation in action.

So, let’s remind ourselves of how a superb day of talks mapped out – and pick out some of the key insights we picked up from our speakers along the way.

Remember: if you missed the event (or just want a recap), you can still catch up with all the sessions on-demand. All you have to do is register on the event website. 

Talk 1: André Christ on ‘Driving Innovation Through Continuous Transformation’.

Our CEO and co-founder kicked off the day with great insights into how businesses can drive better experiences, accelerate every transformation, and identify and manage risk.

André also outlined the obstacles to transformation that we all have to overcome as businesses – not least complex, innovation-slowing software estates.

Key insight: Every company is now a tech company – and are, therefore, increasingly reliant on DevOps initiatives. 

A whopping 75% of DevOps initiatives, however, fail to meet their expectations.

Attendees also got a look at how the LeanIX Continuous Transformation Platform brings IT and business outcomes together through its exciting SaaS Management Platform, Enterprise Architecture Management and Value Stream Management features – as well as a sneak peek at LeanIX’s future product roadmap.

Once you’re registered, you can watch André’s talk here.

Talk 2: Navdeep Kundra on ‘EA as an Enabler for Strategy’

Navdeep, the Head of IT & Enterprise Architecture at David Jones and Country Road Group, shared his Enterprise Architecture vision and journey to success so far. 

Navdeep provided us with generous insights into what he and his team do, their needs as Enterprise Architects, and their market evaluation of EA tools and progress.

We were also shown how Navdeep’s team has unlocked value with LeanIX. 

Thanks to LeanIX, Navdeep told us, collaboration is becoming more efficient and seamless, efficiency in onboarding architects has increased, live documents are easier to maintain and the team’s roadmap is easier to maintain.

Key insight: A single unified view of their strategies and initiatives empowered David Jones and Country Group to:

  1. Onboard Architects more efficiently 
  2. Maintain their online roadmap and live documents more easily
  3. Collaborate more efficiently and seamlessly

You can watch Navdeep’s talk here.

Talk 3: The Citadel Group’s Craig Stanley on ‘Four Strategies for Enterprise Architects to Enable Innovation in the ‘Always-On’ Enterprise’.

Next up was Craig Stanley, The Citadel Group’s Head of Architecture and Consulting, who contextualized and tested 4 killer strategies for EAs (courtesy of Gartner and McKinsey analysis) against the experiences of both Citadel Group and its customers. 

This was a masterclass in how businesses can innovate to remain relevant in the face of increased customer expectations for highly available, well targeted products and services. 

Key insight: ‘Always-on’ innovation can be driven by:

  1. Democratizing Enterprise Architecture 
  2. Aligning IT and business objectives
  3. Accessing and sharing data-driven insights 
  4. Communicating enterprise architecture initiatives at the strategic level

If you missed out on this one, make sure you catch up with it here.

Talk 4: Australian Catholic University’s Niranjan Prabu on how to ‘Collaborate, Automate and Innovate for Connected Experience’.

In recent years, the role of IT has evolved within many enterprises from offering reactive support to taking a proactive role in innovation and CX. That’s exactly the journey Niranjan Prabu, CIO at ACU and his team have been on, so hearing about that journey was super valuable for all in attendance.

Niranjan told us how his team has grown from caretakers and firefighters to partners in innovation and transformation, using LeanIX to “bridge the knowing-doing gap” and build an authentic digital experience for students and staff at ACU.

Key insight: The power of collaboration brought through the LeanIX platform allowed ACU to focus and build more architecture with:

  1. Clearer visibility 
  2. Clearer stakeholder relationships
  3. Increased business capabilities

It’s not too late to join Niranjan on his journey (and pick up some travel tips) here.

Talk 5: LeanIX’s Frank Emmanuel on ‘Innovation in Action’

The word “innovation” was on everyone’s lips throughout the day, and in the fifth talk of the day our own Senior Customer Success Manager attempted to get to the root of what that word means in today’s world – and what it looks like in action

Key insight: The pandemic dramatically increased the use of tech and the digital economy, with Australia jumping 5 years ahead in digital adoption in “almost the blink of an eye”.

Interested in what innovation in action looks like? You can watch Frank’s talk here.

Talk 6: Expert panel: ‘How can you drive innovation for the always-on enterprise?’

The day rounded off in style with an incredible panel discussion between Emma Taylor (Head of Strategy, Architecture & Integration at Virgin Australia), Rizan Rizvi (Director at Vantage Forward) and Brett Jones (Process Intelligence and Optimization Specialist at SAP Signavio).

The panel explored what kind of entrepreneurial mindset it takes to ultimately get this right and drive innovation for the ‘always-on’ enterprise.

Key insight: To drive innovation, IT leads need to:

  1. Feel safe taking risks
  2. Bring people and ideas closer together 
  3. Share alignment on goals
  4. Be resilient 

You can hear exactly what the panel had to say (it’s great stuff we promise!) here

Always-on innovation ideas, on-demand

So there you have it – a veritable smorgasbord of insights for CIOs, Enterprise Architects and other IT and business leaders on driving your enterprise forward at the pace it needs to hit to compete in this digitalized world. 

If you weren’t able to attend, we urge you to register to access the on-demand sessions that we’ve summarized above. (Bearing in mind that we haven’t got the space here to include all the great stuff we learned.)

It only takes a minute to register – and it will give you access to insights and strategies that really could help you and your enterprise for years to come.

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